Provacan CBD Reviews

The Provacan CBD was established in 2017 under the flagship brand of CiiTECH. This company is a UK-registered cannabis company founded by Clifton Flack. It partnered with experts, biotech companies, scientists, and universities to develop well-researched CBD products.

Provacan CBD Reviews
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From Clifton’s passion for the cannabis industry, he wants to bring cannabis-based health with the latest research and innovation. So the customer can trust the brand and its products for their wellness.

After its establishment, this brand grew significantly, with over 4.6K followers on Instagram and 1.9K on Facebook. Even more, its CBD collection has been featured in Sky News, Leafie, Metro, Daily Mirror, and Business Cann.

With these outstanding achievements and high promise, are its natural hemp-derived products truly good? So, let’s scour our Provacan CBD review to see whether you can trust this brand!

Why Provacan CBD Products?

One thing that should be underlined about Provacan CBD is its unique innovation. The formulations are backed by science and research, ensuring advanced extraction techniques and the highest quality products.

The manufacturing process also follows the strict EU agricultural and food processing guidelines using the purest natural hemp. Every product accompanied by a third-party lab test report enhances the trustworthiness.

Its commitment to customer satisfaction guarantees the highest quality of the products and customer service. So, your purchase will be maximised with the 30-day return policy and free delivery.

What's On Provacan CBD Website

Provocan is a science-led cannabinoid company that focuses on premium CBD products. The CBD oil contained in the products is extracted from the natural hemp plants using the advanced alcohol extraction technique.

This technique leverages the low temperature and low-pressure environment, ensuring the maximum cannabidiol extraction. Furthermore, all premium quality ingredients are organically supplied from EU-grown hemp.

This natural extraction will transform the self-care routine with quality CBD products. Besides, it has a comprehensive product collection, from edibles like gummies and capsules to topical like cream and balm.

CBD-Derived Product Collections

Starter Kits Provocan Essential Vitamins Oils
Gummies Capsules Topical
E-Liquid VapePod Isolate

With its hemp-derived collection, you can harness the CBD benefit differently. But which products are worth purchasing? Check the Provacan CBD review below to unravel the true quality!

Provacan CBD Oil 1200mg Review

CBD Oil Drops 1200mg / 12% Full Spectrum, 10ml

Well, CBD oil become most people’s favourite CBD remedy due to its convenience of usage. The Provacan CBD Oil Drops 1200mg is formulated with intermediate hemp extract level. Suitable for daily and all-around use.

Provacan CBD Oil 1200mg Review
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This award-winning full spectrum CBD oil drops contain 100% natural Olea Europaea and hemp plant extract. Furthermore, cutting-edge low-pressure CO2 extraction boosts the terpenes profile, offering an enhanced entourage effect.

In addition, it has a full range of active phytocannabinoids that deliver a robust effect. Absolutely the best option to leverage the pure and high-quality CBD benefits. Start with 5-10mg daily and increase it if needed. Then, you can take two drops daily.

The 1200mg bottle will contain 6mg of CBD per drop. Aside from this, CBD oil is also available in 300mg, 600mg, and 2400mg. FYI, this brand also offers the Spray Nozzle to easily turn your CBD tincture into an oil spray. So, feel the difference in your health at £69.99!

Provacan CBD Capsules Review

CBD Capsules 24mg/Capsule

Do you prefer taking a capsule? The Provacan CBD Capsules 24mg/capsule is much easier to consume than oil tincture. Swallow it with water or even your favourite beverage to allow it to provide benefits to your body. Quickly consume it at a snap.

Provacan CBD Capsules Review
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Another thing that we like about this is the tasteless form. Unlike gummies, vape and other CBD products use natural or artificial flavouring, it uses no flavours. So you won’t taste the earthy or any artificial flavouring.

Formulated from pure EU-cultivated cannabis sativa (L), it delivers a compelling performance. Besides it also contains organic coconut oil. Only the finest ingredients are handpicked and professionally crafted for your wellness.

Each capsule in the 720mg range holds 24mg of CBD extract, with 30 tablets in each container. Thus, harness these CBD Capsules for a better sleeping and less painful life at £39.99!

Provacan CBD Gummies Reviews

CBD Fruit Gummies 10mg/gummy

Love jellies? The Provacan CBD Fruit Gummies 10mg/gummy is the best way to enjoy CBD, like biting a gummy. It’s great for those who love sweets and prefer something more palatable.

Provacan CBD Gummies Reviews
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We love the sweet and tangy addictive flavour with mixed fruits in the container. So you’ll love to taste different savours. You’ll never tired of it. Furthermore, it uses natural-tasting fruit flavours with no bad aftertaste.

It offers the finest formulation with the highest quality hemp grown in the EU. Plus, these CBD gummies use no gelatin, ensuring the fat-free and vegan-friendly formulation. What an incredible edible to enjoy the premium ingredients.

In a jar of 500mg, gummies consist of 10mg premium hemp driver phytocannabinoids, each gummy with 50 gummies total. So, enhance your wellness by simply taking gummies at £29.99!

Provacan CBD Balm Reviews

CBD Balm 900mg 30ml High Strength

If you’re struggling with over-dry skin, then the Provacan CBD Balm 900mg is worth considering. Featuring a unique profile and texture offers a certain benefit suitable for those seeking topical results.

Provacan CBD Balm Reviews
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This Provacan CBD cream uses cocoa butter and beeswax to provide a traditional formulation. As a result, this soothing blend uses no needless ingredients or even excess synthetic chemical derivatives.

Aside from those ingredients, it contains grapeseed and coconut oil for nourished, revitalised and hydrated skin. Additionally, the thick balm is purposed for everyday use with convenience. So apply a liberal amount of it on the desired skin area and gently massage it.

The jar contains 900mg of balm with 30 ml of high-strength CBD. So, apply this CBD balm for healthier and nourished skin at £49.99!

Provacan CBD Vape Pod Reviews

VapePod Device by Kanabo

Many people enjoy CBD products by vaping, thus meeting your needs. This brand offers the Provacan CBD VapePod Device by Kanabo. It’s designed to deliver a reliable heating solution vital for vape devices.

Provacan CBD Vape Pod Reviews
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The VapePod vaping device uses the art porous core design from the Kanabo Research group. This CCEL Porous core makes it have an even and continuous heating without risking the combustion of the CBD vape oil.

This vape also features the auto stop function to stop the performance after the total CBD has been puffed. Also, the CBD vape formulation can be used for day and nighttime use. Simply plug the cartridge into the VapePod to enjoy the highest quality CBD puffs. 

Constructed from durable and quality material, it’ll last longer. Hence, upgrade your CBD vaping experience with reliable and effective VapePod at £49.99!

Provacan CBD Price

How Much Does It Cost?

Due to its wide range of hemp-derived products, the prices vary. Currently, it ranges from £1.99 to £129.99. The lowest-priced product is Spray Nozzle For CBD Oil, and the highest is CBD Oil Paste 2500MG.

At those prices with unmatched product quality, the pricing is relatively affordable. Even more, leveraging all current discounts available for official website purchases. Below are the current savings to save some bucks:

Provacan CBD Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

As one of the largest CBD brands in the UK, this brand has collected huge numbers of Provacan CBD reviews and ratings. For instance, it has a 4.7/5 average rating from 2,114 reviews on Trustpilot. Here’s the rating data on the best-selling items:

Provacan CBD Customer Reviews
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We were genuinely surprised with the high star rating obtained. It shows how most the consumer has a positive opinion about the brand. Check one of the CBD oil 600mg reviews from a customer:

… I’m more stable in my mood, and my sleep quality has improved. In fact, after just a few days of taking it, I feel less stressed and much happier! This is perfect for people like me who sometimes suffer from anxiety-related feelings.

To consider the positive and negative opinions, we specifically select one customer complaint. The customer complaints stated:

It’s a great product and has really helped me with sciatica. I’ve also used it for migraines and rubbed it on my temples and forehead. Seems to release the pressure very well. Beware, it’ll permanently stain your clothes and pillowcases! The product is full of natural ingredients and plant goodness. Hence, I don’t mind…

Similar to the first feedback, customers reported an effective effect. They notice a visible result after the usage. Besides, most of them stated about the convenience of consumption and good taste. In contrast, it has negative opinions in minimal with only small matters like the above review.

Is Provacan CBD Worth It?

Searching for a reliable source of CBD products? Provacan CBD is worth investing in a reliable formulation. The products are meticulously formulated with the highest standards in EU and UK GMP standard facilities.

Each batch also has its party lab tested to guarantee the safety and efficacy of superior natural products. Furthermore, the science-backed formulation can provide an effective potency for the consumer. So, its CBD assortment has superb quality, effectiveness and formulation.

Provacan CBD Pros And Cons

Well, to make an informed decision, you should consider both the positive and negative sides. So, we’ve pointed out some pros and cons below to help you decide:


  • Research-backed formulation
  • Natural hemp ingredients
  • CO2 extraction techniques
  • GMP standard facilities
  • No bad aftertaste
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Thousands of positive reviews


  • Has no option for flavours
  • Some products are unavailable, like Provacan CBD massage oil and vape pod
  • The balm can leave stains in the fabric.

Provacan CBD Customer Service

How to Contact

To help in your purchasing journey, whether pre- to post-purchase, this brand is backed by a great customer service team. So get in touch from Mon–Fri at 8 am–4.30 pm GMT via the contact information below:

  • Email Address:
  • Contact Number: +44 208 1380 343
  • Live Chat: Help widget at the lower right
  • Social Media: @provacancbd

Headquarters Address

2 Athenaeum Rd
London, Greater London
N20 9AE, United Kingdom

Where To Buy Provacan CBD

The Provacan CBD oil, vape, gummies and other products are officially available on its website at So, you won’t find it in the online shopping platform like Amazon as well as Holland and Barrett, unfortunately.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still curious about this UK CBD brand? Then, check out the FAQs regarding the Provacan CBD review that people also ask questions about.

What is Provacan CBD oil?

It’s an active CBD oil that uses the supercritical CO2 extraction method. It allows it to get the compound from organically hemp plants like CBD, terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Who owns Provacan CBD?

This CBD brand was part of CiiTECH, owned by Clifton Flack.


There’s no more that we can say in our Provacan CBD review. This company has proven its value by helping customers harness organic CBD for our wellness. The well-developed science-based formulation ensures effective performance.

Moreover, it has various products with third-party lab testing and certification. These will enhance our peace of mind in consuming the safest formulation. So, consume CBD products for your wellness based on your preferred way, whether tincture oil or vape with Provacan CBD!

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