About Hemptealicious

Hemptealicious is one brand that is pretty familiar among other hemp tea brands. Their products are widespread in several retailers with comprehensive benefits and flavors for your needs.

About Hemptealicious
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This brand strives to craft, manufacture, and distribute its products through ethical business practices in Colorado. Moreover, this brand chooses sustainable and organically grown hemp to ensure premium quality.

Although this brand is not new, they keep the information close. The website doesn’t provide information about the owner, history, and location. So, you’ll solely judge this brand due to the product and service quality.

In addition, the company is active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So, it’ll allow them to reach more customers through social media.

However, due to the company’s lack of information, you may be cautious about it. Thus, we’ll carefully investigate and check the customer testimonials in our Hemptealicious review. Let’s see whether this company is legit!

Why Hemptealicious?

Gummy, vape, and capsules are very common forms of hemp-based products. We think Hemptealicious hemp tea is the best option to enjoy hemp close to nature’s benefits. Moreover, it doesn’t undergo a complicated manufacturing process to ensure the best quality.

Additionally, it uses organically grown hemp and whole plant-based ingredients.  Consequently, several formulations with different additional ingredients target certain focused benefits.  The products also manufacture in a GMP compliance facility in Colorado.

In ensuring customer satisfaction, the brand strives to provide unbeatable customer service. It also will be available in 50 states, including Hawaii and Alas a. Plus, a return policy for a risk-free purchase.

What's On Hemptealicious

Hemptealicious is a brand that specializes in organic hemp tea. The flavored tea bag contains pure hemp and other 100% natural ingredients. So, get the benefits of raw hemp in every cup of it.

The in each bag, the customer can enjoy a full spectrum of natural plant terpenes that make you feel at your best. With all the whole plant ingredients, this tea is gluten-, cruelty-free, and vegan.

This brand only offers hemp tea with 6 flavors and benefits from different formulations. Next, learn more about this beneficial tea in the following Hemptealicious review section!

Hemptealicious Hemp Tea Reviews

The Hemptealicious Hemp Tea is the evolution of tea and wellness formulated from organically grown hemp. It’s masterfully blended with beneficial organic herbs that taste and smell good.

Hemptealicious Hemp Tea Reviews
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Furthermore, the ingredients are responsibly sourced, and the formulations are thoroughly researched for holistic benefit. Every cup of the tea is infused with a whole plant hemp of full-spectrum terpenes.

Each bag has the right balance of grounding and soothing elements, with 30% of pure hemp and the rest organic herbs. Tea has reminiscent earthy green tea flavors that are great for warm morning tea. 

Furthermore, each container contains 16 bags. Hence, take a sip of hemp tea blend with unique and addictive flavors of organic herbs for your wellness!

9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10
7.0 7/10

Hemptealicious Flavors And Benefit Reviews

As mentioned before, Hemptealicious comes in 6 flavors that combine with herbs. Each flavor has certain benefits that can be chosen based on your needs and preference.

Hemptealicious Flavors And Benefit Reviews
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The current flavors are Apple Hibiscus, Ginger Turmeric, Peppermint Mate, Pure Hemp, Spearmint Lemongrass, and Chamomile Lavender. Below are more detail and benefit of each flavor.

Apple Hibiscus – Exotic and Tangy

This combines apple and hibiscus with an irresistible taste for gentle and sunshine days. The sweet apple notes blend with the hibiscus’ tangy and exotic tones. Plus, it rounded out seamlessly with hemp’s subtle and balancing flavor.

Ginger Turmeric – Cleansing and Warming

Ginger Turmeric Pure Hemp Tea is the perfect option if you like an ayurvedic condiment. These ingredients have cleaning and warning properties from ginger. Meanwhile, turmeric offers cleansing properties.

Peppermint Mate – Earthy and Energizing

The Peppermint Mate Tea has an earthy and energizing mate with a refreshing mate. It also has the abundant benefit of hemp. With these formulations, it’s must-drink tea in your morning routine.

Pure Hemp – 100% Hemp for Wellbeing

 Pure Hemp Tea is the best option if you like to have the whole benefit of hemp. It has a soothing advantage and gentle flavors of herbal and green tea. Further, the full spectrum of natural plant terpenes supports your wellness goals.

Spearmint Lemongrass – Cooling and Soothing

The hot and iced combination of Lemongrass and Spearmint tea is a great opposite charm. The lemongrass delivers delicate notes of brightness with soft and subtle hemp rounds. Besides, the spearmint will cool and soothes.

Chamomile Lavender – Soothing and Calming

Lastly, the Chamomile Lavender tea is a blend perfect for bedtime. Combining these soothing properties will help your frazzled nerves or end your grueling day. Not to mention, the relaxing flavor and fragrance of lavender and chamomile that provide healing benefits.

All the variant has a unique and robust formulation. So, choose based on your palate and the benefit you want to harness!

Hemptealicious Prices

The Hemptealicious costs $12.95 with 16 tea bags per container. This price is affordable, considering the organic ingredients and all the goodness it offers. Psst, you can save more by buying 2 and getting 1 for free.

Aside from that, join the email list to stay up-to-date on new arrivals and sales. You’ll receive weekly emails that include sales, discount codes, and other fun tips!

Hemptealicious Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

This brand has a very small number of positive reviews on the official website. Furthermore, it has no review page in any third-party customer review platform like Trustpilot.

Hemptealicious Reviews
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hemptealicious.com https://hemptealicious.com

Regardless, we discover this brand option is positive testimonials from many experts. For instance, you can find complete reviews from Dope Magazine, US-Reviews.com, and Medium.com.

We discover a customer review on the official website with a 5/5 rating. Here’s what the customer’s opinion about her experience:

I give 5-star for the ginger/turmeric tea. I haven’t tried the others, but I won’t try the mint—only a personal preference issue. Overall, I can’t wait to try the original and peppermint teas.

From the customer review above, we see no issues with the products. It tastes good and can have a practical impact on the customer. She also has no negative experiences with the consequences.

Is Hemptealicious Legit?

The company has a small number of customer reviews, but with the number of expert reviews, it’s legit. Besides, the website offers a secure payment and return policy, ensuring risk-free purchases and maximum satisfaction.

In addition, the website creates eight years ago with all domain information available. It’s also secure with HTTPS and robust virus detection. So, we think there’s no harm in purchasing from its website since it has genuine customer reviews, a safe website, secure payment, and a refund guarantee.

Is Hemptealicious Worth It?

With the myriad of benefits and organic formulation, Hemptealicious is worth trying. It offers a superb formulation that is better to consume than hemp gummy or vape. In addition, the company only uses 100% organic hemp grown in Colorado.

Is Hemptealicious Worth It?
Image credit: hemptealicious.com
hemptealicious.com https://hemptealicious.com

The blend with herbs also provides an authentic taste and calming fragrance. So, you’ll enjoy it like a cup of tea but with level-up benefits. The decent psychoactive effects will help you to relax and manage other wellness issues.

Hemptealicious Pros And Cons

After knowing all the critical information about the brand and our opinion, it’s time for you to decide. Thus check out the must-consider pros and cons below: 


  • 100% organic hemp and herbs
  • Tested for non-GMO
  • Manufactured in GMP facility
  • Gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan
  • Delicate fragrance and taste palatable
  • Full of benefits of herbs and hemp
  • Various formulations based on focused benefit
  • Fast shipping and return policy


  • Only offers tea
  • Lack of information about the company.

Hemptealicious Customer Service

How To Contact

Want to know the recommended hemp tea for you? Need help before purchasing products? No matter what your issues are, its customer service will be glad to help you via:

  • Email Address: info@hemptealicious.com
  • Phone Number: 1-844-443-6764
  • Live Chat: Green bubble at lower right
  • Social Media: @hemptealicious

Where To Buy

Want to enjoy a sip of warm tea full of hemp benefits? Then you should choose your favorite hemp tea that’s available on its official website at hemptealicious.com. Aside from the official store, its collection is available in several online retailers!


Frequently Asked Questions

For a better insight into this brand, the following are FAQs related to the Hemptealicious review.

Does Hemptealicious have THC?

Basically, it’s hemp tea, so it contains THC. However, only minimal THC is still legal, yet it provides a good amount of effectiveness.

Who owns Hemptealicious?

The company doesn’t provide information about the brand’s ownership.

Where is the Hemptealicious located?

The manufacturing process is located in Colorado.

Where does Hemptealicious ships to?

This hemp tea brand ships within 50 states in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii.


All in all, our Hemptealicious review recommended this brand if you are looking for a better way to consume hemp. Its tea has a benefit for health and benefit thanks to the organic hemp and herbs formulation.

Whether you’re hunting hemp tea to manage pain, relieve anxiety, or simply enjoy a fragrance tea, it’s the best option. So, why don’t you try Hemptealicious and experience the benefit? You’ll see the new way of enjoying hemp in healthier organic tea form!

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