Hempzilla CBD Reviews

Stavros Vrahnos and Raaid Thabata have a passion for the CBD industry with more than two decades of experience. Then, they worked together to establish Hempzilla CBD in 2014. This CBD brand is also under Power Distribution LLC, headquartered in New Jersey.

Hempzilla CBD Reviews
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In addition, they bring like-minded people committed to creating premium, organically sourced CBD products. So, it works with high-standard farmers in Colorado and chemists with state-of-the-art GMP and ISO labs.

With its dedication and rapid growth, we can see this brand all over the media. For instance, it featured in Modern Living with Kathy Ireland. Further, the brand even won the ClearReview 2020 Award. Now, it has over 5.8K followers who want to stay connected on Instagram.

From the short information above, are you still curious about this CBD brand? If so, we’ll take you deeper into this brand. Keep reading our Hempzilla CBD review for product reviews and perk updates!

Why Hempzilla CBD?

From its dedication, Hempzilla CBD is the leading brand in pure American-grown CBD. So, its CBD has a high purity and potency without the use of GMOs and pesticides.

Moreover, all products are manufactured in an FDA-registered GMP-certified facility. It makes that its hemp-derived products give peace of mind to consume with ISO-certified and pharmaceutical-grade formulations.

Each product also has a third-party lab report to guarantee a consistent formulation. Aside from that, the brand also strives to deliver unmatched customer service. So, it offers free shipping and a responsive customer service team.

What's On Hempzilla CBD

Consuming natural CBD products offers a clean and potent benefit of hemp. Hempzilla CBD is a reliable brand to find pure CBD products. It’s due to the brand using only natural hemp in a CO2 extraction process.

Another thing worth mentioning about this brand is the wide selection of edibles and inhalables. From edible tincture for humans to dog treats, it’s the best one-stop store. Additionally, below are the product collections on the official site:

Product Collection

Connoisseur Select Topicals & Lotions Bath Soaks Pet Lines Honey Sticks
Wild Orchard Vape Shop Gummies Tinctures  

From our list above, can you decide which product is the best? The list is too short indeed. Thus, let’s scour for more information on some of its items in our Hempzilla CBD review below!

Hempzilla CBD Juul Pods Reviews

Looking for refreshing and on-the-go vaping? Consider this best-selling Hempzilla CBD Juul Pods. It’s a non-refillable disposable cartridge that is filled with pure CBD. The perfect way to get the instant benefit of hemp.

Hempzilla CBD Juul Pods Reviews
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With pure and functional hemp infuse, this mini vaporizer is a great alternative to quitting smoking cigarettes. Instead, get the benefit of CBD anywhere in a stealthy manner. You won’t smell like a smoker.

This package contains 2 pods per pack for an effortless vaping experience. Furthermore, each pack is formulated from the 300mg broad spectrum pure CBD with potent flavor and strength.

CBD Juul Pods Details

  • Size: 2 pods of 300mg
  • Flavor: Berry Wild Gelato, Tango Mango, Natural, Loop Milk, Strawberry, or Watermelon Ice

Another thing that we like is the use of no THC and artificial flavors. So, you can taste the kingdom of fruity flavors with no guilt. Thus, choose your favorite fruit and inhale the clouds of CBD at $19.99!

Hempzilla CBD CBN Gummies Reviews

Many people switch to CBD instead of sleeping pills to fix their insomnia. The Hempzilla CBD + CBD Nighttime Vegan Gummies are night gummies that help you feel rested and refreshed after deep sleep.

Hempzilla CBD CBN Gummies Reviews
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This nighttime gummy is formulated with the fusion of CBD, CBN, Melatonin, Lavender, and chamomile. Moreover, this proprietary formulation will bring you to the dream island for a peaceful night’s sleep.

In addition, the gummies contain no artificial flavors, colors, or GMOs, ensuring safe consumption. Plus, these sleeping gummies only use the cleanest extraction methods. It can eliminate any contained heavy metals and impurities.

Hempzilla CBD + CBN gummies Details

  • Size: 30 gummies of 10mg/25mg per gummy
  • Flavors: Fruity flavor

The sleeping gummies are available in two potencies. So choose based on your tolerance for the best sleeping experience. So, banish your struggle for restful sleep and be ready to sail into the dreamland. Buy it now for $39.99 or $69.99 for higher potency!

Hempzilla CBD Dog Treats Reviews

Not only for humans, you can also let your dog harvest the goodness of pure CBD! One of the best-selling collections for dogs is the Hempzilla CBD Calming Dog Treats. These tasty treats are formulated for your furry friend’s well-being in mind.

Hempzilla CBD Dog Treats Reviews
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It’s made from the synergistic blend of peanut butter and apple sauce with coconut oil and broad-spectrum CBD. There’s no way that your dog won’t love it. Be careful if your pet even begs for more.

Many people prefer CBD to treat their dogs because of the better organic formulation than pharmaceuticals. Even better, it also contains no lactose, dairy, or THC. So, it’s completely safe and highly easy to digest.

Hempzilla CBD For Dogs Details

  • Size: 10/30 treats
  • Flavors: Salty fusion of peanut butter

The cutting-edge CBD formulation makes this calming CBD treat ideal for nervous, stressed, or hyperactive dogs. Thus, let your dogs enjoy mouthwatering treats with improved calming benefits at $19.99 or $39.99!

Hempzilla CBD Joint And Muscle Gel Reviews

CBD is most known for its strength in relieving pain. It includes the daily soreness in the body. The Hempzilla CBD Joint and Muscle Gel is tailored using pure and potent CBD to ease body aches.

Hempzilla CBD Joint And Muscle Gel Reviews
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Not only the supreme CBD, but this pain relieving gel also contains natural menthol and 24 potent essential oils. Allows the gel to effectively cool, soothe, and calm in the preferred area.

Meanwhile, the formulated organically grown CBD and ActivAloe increase the bioabsorption. This formulation also has high hydration to keep moisture in the target area. It’s truly great for athletes or individuals with muscle tension or stiffness, arthritis, and inflammation.

CBD Joint And Muscle Gel Details

  • Size: 1oz (300mg)/4oz (300mg)
  • Flavors: None

Another thing that we like is the compact size. It is very easy to store in your gym bag or desk drawer. Hence, give yourself a chance to live with less pain with this CBD muscle and joint gel at $18.99 or $49.99!

Hempzilla CBD Vape Pen Reviews

The Hempzilla CBD Vape Pen Balance is the right choice for reestablishing mind and body tranquillity. The good thing about this CBD+CBG+CBN vape is the use of the cleanest organic CBD flower. It has no VG, PG, nicotine, or even detectable traces of THC.

Hempzilla CBD Vape Pen Reviews
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hempzillacbd.com https://hempzillacbd.com

In addition, this powerful blend contains only organically grown CBD, along with 10 unique terpenes. The fusion of CBD, CBN, CBG, and terpenes greatly amplifies the results. It’s known for the entourage effect.

The vape has a rechargeable battery attached setup using a micro USB cable. Moreover, the air activation switch integration makes it ready to use. Put it out and enjoy inhaling mind and body reset properties.

Hempzilla Balance CBD Vape Details

  • Size: 175mg
  • Flavors: None

Overall, this broad-spectrum CBD vape offers potent, uplifting, and calming properties. Suitable for use anytime, whether morning or evening. Buy it at only $19.99 for an instant day-to-day balance!

Hempzilla Connoisseur CBD Reviews

The Connoisseur Select is a specially curated premium collection in its collection. One of the best-selling in the line is the Hempzilla Lifter CBD Tincture. It’s one of its gold-standard terpene-rich CBD oils.

Hempzilla Connoisseur CBD Reviews
Image credit: hempzillacbd.com
hempzillacbd.com https://hempzillacbd.com

Basically, the Lifter tincture is a sativa-dominant CBD strain extracted from a hand-picked organic cannabis flower. Uniquely, it has a golden color due to the high purity from the finest and potent CBD extraction.

It’s worth mentioning that this golden standard tincture has a high potency. So, it’s better to consult with the doctor before taking it. Especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or have medical concerns.

Connoisseur Blend CBD Tincture Details

  • Size: 15ml with 500mg of CBD
  • Flavors: None

Lastly, this premium formulation is the best choice for the most premium and potent one. Thus, grab it at $59.99 for the highest benefit and next-level CBD experience!

Hempzilla CBD Price

How Much Does It Cost?

From the review above, you may already know the pricing for certain products. But how about the pricing as a whole? Based on the current products on the official website, the pricing ranges from $14.99 to $299.99.

The lowest-priced item is CBD Bath Soak Unscented, and 400mg Unflavored CBD Tincture is the highest. Additionally, we discover that this CBD brand also often offers perks. To help you easily know the available discount, we’ll compile the savings below:

Sale and Coupon Code

  • Free shipping on orders over $99
  • Get lower price for several items in Bundles
  • Enjoy 15% off by buying a monthly subscription
  • Register on the email list for 10% off discount code and perks updates.

Hempzilla CBD Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

When checking the website, we now see reviews of its products. Fortunately, we found a decent numbers of reviews on Reviews.io. Moreover, it has a high number of rating of 4.1/5 with 336 testimonials total. Now let’s check one of Hempzilla CBD reviews from customers:

Absolutely love this vape. It doesn’t clog like others – it’s smooth every time, straight from the jump. I use this for workdays when I need to stay calm and focused. Definitely recommend!

Aside from the favorable feedback, we must consider the negative opinion. So we specifically choose one of the customer complaints:

When you ship the item, receiving it takes over two weeks. That’s worrying because I need this daily for my pets. Thanks.

After scouring all customer reviews, we found that most users had positive experiences. They like the performance, quality, and the potency effect. In contrast, the complaint is only about delivery delays and some leaking vape.

Is Hempzilla CBD Worth It?

Committed to bringing quality CBD-derived products with the best ingredients, Hempzilla CBD is a worthy option. The company only uses the purest and organically grown hemp with CO2 extraction for potent extraction.

The high potency makes its products highly effective and yields the best result. Not to mention, the edible’s flavor is palatable, making it easier to consume. Overall, its lab-tested hemp-derived products are ideal options for premium and organic CBD.

Hempzilla CBD Pros And Cons

Some of you may be too lazy to read our long reviews. So, we’ll summarize the strengths and flaws of the brand based on our research. Check the pros and cons below:


  • Highest potency broad-spectrum CBD
  • Organically grown hemp
  • No heavy metals and impurities
  • No artificial flavor or colors
  • Expansive products collection
  • Third-party lab-tested
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Positive reviews from customers


  • Delays in shipping
  • Some products are unavailable, like hemp cigarettes, Hawaiian haze, and gummies 50 mg.

Hempzilla CBD Customer Service

How To Contact

The Hempzilla team can help you with any questions, concerns, or comments. So, reach their team for any problems using the contact information below:

Headquarters Address

Power Distribution LLC,
333 New Rd., Unit 5
Parsippany-Troy Hills
New Jersey 07054

Where To Buy Hempzilla CBD

Have you picked your favorite? So, it’s time to taste the new world of CBD. The best place to buy its hemp-derived products is from the official website at hempzillacbd.com. Get your CBD sent straight to your door!


Frequently Asked Questions

To thoroughly research before buying a certain brand, your brain may be filled with questions. So, we’ll compile some FAQs related to the Hempzilla CBD review.

Is Hempzilla a good brand?

It offers a 100% natural American-grown CBD, making it a brand with good value.

Where to find Hempzilla lab results?

Most people will look for third-party lab results to see whether this brand is legit. You can find the reports of each product on the Lab Results page.


Have you been intrigued by certain CBD products after reading our Hempzilla CBD review? Indeed, its premium CBD lines are hard to resist. Basically, it’s due to premium formulation with potent effects and lab results for safety.

The brand also has various potent hemp-derived products with no THC traces. From humans to your pets, it allows you to leverage the CBD for wellness. Thus, start your journey for a healthier mind and body with organic CBD from Hempzilla CBD!

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