Colorado Botanicals Review

Found in 2017, Colorado Botanicals began when Narek Sarokhani, the CEO & Founder, had a grandmother diagnosed with cancer. He strives to find information about CBD to heal his grandmother.

Colorado Botanicals Review
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The lack of transparency about products to trust at that time forced Narek to seek other alternatives by learning how CBD is made. After speaking with professionals and knowing the CBD extraction, he finally asked his close friends to launch a company. 

This brand is increasingly recognized among CBD enthusiasts and has been named the Best Solvent-free Extraction by Forbes. They’ve also been recognized by major publications such as Observer, Discover Magazine, Herb, and LA Weekly.

The popularity also shows in its social media accounts, with 5.6k+ followers on Instagram and 554 followers on Facebook. It turns out their account setup is pretty organized, leaving everyone curious to visit again. 

Does the product’s quality match its popularity? Let’s figure it out in the Colorado Botanicals review. We’ll cover everything in between here.

Why Colorado Botanicals?

At Colorado Botanicals, all products have been through countless quality tests to achieve the most effective results. They used the highest quality seeds to produce good hemp. 

The extraction process combines several plant parts, such as flowers and buds. In this way, each bottle contains the full potential of hemp and the whole plant benefits.

What’s else? In addition to the process and quality, we found several points that are worth considering when purchasing Colorado Botanicals, as listed below:

Colorado Botanicals Highlights

  • Made in the USA
  • 60-day risk-free trial
  • Fast Shipping 
  • Free Shipping on all orders over $74
  • Offers discount on auto-deliveries
  • A wide range of CBD selection
  • Helpful customer service 

What's On Colorado Botanicals

Colorado Botanicals offers premium-quality CBD by maximizing all its benefits to users. Its purification process is exclusively handled to produce pure CBD without any impurities and color distortion.

Available in several categories of different CBD forms, so you can narrow it down to what you need the most. Here are the products:

With all these options, we only picked 3 of the most customer favorites: CBD Gummies, CBD For Dogs, and Broad Spectrum CBD Oil. These three products are safe to use for everyone and even vegans.

Colorado Botanicals Gummies Review

25mg Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies

Starting today’s review with Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies, which contain essential terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids

Colorado Botanicals Gummies Review
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These CBD Gummies comes with delicious and tasty flavor available in two options: strawberry and orange flavors. It’s a great product that maximizes your immune levels due to its natural ingredients.

You don’t have to worry about feeling any type of psychoactive as these gummies are THC-free without dilution. There are 30 gummies of 25mg per dose in one bottle. Take 1-2 gummies daily on a regular basis to get the benefits you want.

It cost $59.99/bottle for a one-time purchase. Purchase now and enjoy the taste!


  • Organic raw sugar
  • Tapioca syrup
  • The citric acid (from fruit)
  • Natural color
  • Natural fruit flavor
  • Broad spectrum CBD hemp extract
  • Sodium citrate

Colorado Botanicals CBD For Dogs Review

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats

Not only humans CBD also works for animals in various conditions, such as pain relief, anxiety, inflammation, etc. Taking Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats can relieve these issues and maintain balance in the body. 

Colorado Botanicals CBD For Dogs Review
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This premium CBD has a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This is suitable for long-term use by dogs or cats. Drop the oil right in your pet’s mouth. The amount of use is adjusted to the weight of each of your pets, as follows:

  • For 75 pounds+: Take 0.5mL – 1mL
  • For 25-75 pounds: Take 0.25mL – 0.5mL
  • For under 25 pounds: Take 0.1mL – 0.25mL

One bottle contains a total of 750mg in unflavored, which can be used for up to 4 months. And you need to pay $59.99 for a one-time purchase. 


  • MCT oil (contains coconut)
  • Broad spectrum CBD extract

Colorado Botanicals Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Review

750mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Another best-selling CBD product is Broad Spectrum CBD Oil which helps to relieve stress or anxiety and improve sleep quality to be refreshed in the morning and ready for the day. 

Colorado Botanicals Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Review
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This CBD oil is available in two flavors: Peppermint and Unflavored. Available in different dose levels, including 300mg, 750mg, 1.500mg, and 3.000mg.

The 750mg dose contains 25mg per 1mL for 1-2 servings for the first 7 days to see the reaction. Shake the bottle well before use and drop the oil under your tongue. To get the maximum absorption, you must hold the oil for 2-3 minutes.

Oh! The 700mg dose cost $59.99, the price can be higher along with the number of doses. And keep in mind that you must use it according to the prescribed dosage.  


  • MCT oil (contains coconut)
  • Broad spectrum CBD extract

Colorado Botanicals Price

When you shop at Colorado Botanicals, you’ll enjoy a satisfying purchasing experience at the best price on each product. You can start to spend between $30 to $219.99. The price will vary depending on the CBD form, size, and ingredients. 

Is there any discount? Of course. Join the subscription to earn 15% off on every purchase under the term and conditions. Or you can redeem a promo code available on the website. 

Colorado Botanicals Pros & Cons

In this section, we compiled a list of the pros & cons of the brand to make it easier for you to weigh the quality and functions. 

Colorado Botanicals Pros 

  • Made of organic ingredients 
  • It contains cannabinoids & terpene rich
  • No RX prescription required 
  • Non-GMO
  • Third-party lab verified
  • Clean & solvent free CO2 Extracted

Colorado Botanicals Cons 

  • Too expensive than others 

Is Colorado Botanicals Legit?

Colorado Botanicals is one of the most trusted CBD companies. Their products have gone through a third-party lab verified to ensure quality and safety.

Yes, indeed, their products are legit. All manufacturing processes are conducted in the USA with high standards. Hence, there’s nothing to worry about its authenticity.

Is Colorado Botanicals Worth To Buy?

Absolutely! Colorado Botanicals is worth buying. They’ve produced organic products that are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. And the purity process is completely free of butane, ethanol, or propane.

Is Colorado Botanicals Worth To Buy?
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You can find various forms of CBD, including gummies, soft gels, and oils, at the best price. It is also available in different dosages per serving based on your needs. 

Colorado Botanicals Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

There are hundreds of trusted testimonials available to help you determine whether this CBD has the quality as claimed. Here we bring you to take a closer look at each product’s rating, as stated below:

  • CBD Gummies: 4.4/5 ratings from 314 reviews 
  • CBD For Dogs: 4.6/5 ratings based on 42 reviews 
  • CBD Oil (Broad Spectrum): 4.5/5 ratings among 202 reviews

For CBD Gummies, one buyer feels relieved with his chronic pain after consuming these Gummies. As he said:

These are helping my chronic nerve pain better than the meds I’ve taken for years. Plus, I sleep up to 5 or 6 hours at night. I would add a little sweetener to the flavour. Going to try the orange next.

Next up, another customer couldn’t be happier that CBD For Dogs was able to alleviate the pain in her beloved dog. She mentioned:

I’ve been giving this CBD to my 13-year-old dog with arthritis and back leg problems. So far, things have been good. Well, I can’t say his condition has drastically improved, but he is definitely more energized, active, alert, and cheerful …

Yup, every CBD product is not created the same. Just like one buyer found the most effective CBD oil for his issue after a long search. He said:

I have tried several similar products, but none of them have ever helped me with my problems until I came this CBD oil. So, again, thank you! 

Well, most customers give positive feedback and leave almost perfect ratings. You can read other reviews at Trustpilot or at the website on each product page if you need more proof. 

How To Contact Colorado Botanicals

If you have questions that can’t be answered in this review, please ask the customer service team. They’ll be glad to hear from you. Use the following contact method:

Sales Office Location

3819 W. Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505

Where To Buy Colorado Botanicals

The only place to buy Colorado Botanicals’ products is through the official online store to ensure product authenticity. And this product is not available on marketplaces, including Amazon or Walmart.


Look at the following Frequently Asked Questions while searching for Colorado Botanicals reviews to engage with the brand more closely.

Where Is Colorado Botanicals Located?

It is located in San Diego, CA. 

Who Is The CEO of Colorado Botanicals?

Narek Sarokhani is the man behind Colorado Botanicals. 


After reading our Colorado Botanicals, you already know the most effective CBD made from natural ingredients through whole plant extract and high purity to maintain the quality. 

The taste is amazing. It’s free from toxic compounds that are harmful to the body. One thing you should note is that please read each product’s label carefully to get long-term results. Let’s get feeling better.

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