Mission Farms CBD Reviews

Devastated with pharmaceutical options to relieve pain, Mission Farms CBD was born to bring the natural benefit of CBD. In 2018, this brand pioneered farming hemp in Bend, Oregon.

Mission Farms CBD Reviews
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Under the leadership of Ben Joyce as the CEO and co-founder, they strived to provide the highest quality of hemp. Furthermore, the company doesn’t stop formulating natural solutions for various issues.

Its genuine dedication and quality natural products allow it to keep growing. Now, it can be seen in various media like Esquire, Healthline, Observer, and more. Its popularity is also reflected in 6.2K followers on Instagram and 3.6K on Facebook.

Regardless, followers and fame cannot determine the brand’s quality and reliability. Thus, we need to dig deeper into every inch of the brand. Read our Mission Farms CBD review for more information, from customer reviews to pricing!

Why Mission Farms CBD?

Striving for organic hemp products, Mission Farms CBD is the right stop for leveraging natural CBD. The company grows the hemp itself to ensure the organically. Besides, it guarantees the purity of the soil, hemp, hemp extract, and the final products.

In addition, it also makes a solution-based formulation from premium ingredients. So, it can target certain health issues with effective specific effective formulation. Not to mention, all products are also food-grade certified and 3rd party lab-tested.

Despite its excellent premium hemp-delivered products, this brand delivers superb customer service. For instance, we love the free standard shipping and 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

What's On Mission Farms CBD

Looking for reliably sourced hemp products? Mission Farms CBD is the best brand that organically farms its hemp. Focusing on natural products, the company ensures premium and natural ingredients with zero chemicals.

Using ethanol extraction ensures the safest and most effective way to extract the nutrient-rich distillate. Moreover, the full spectrum CBD contains multiple healthful flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids. Here’s the product collection that is currently available.

Product Collections

Oils Full Spectrum Oil, Max Oils, Plus Oils, and Pet Oils
Ingestible Gummies, Mints, and Softgels
Topicals Gels, Balms, Roll-ons, and Cream
Bath Products CBD Soaks and CBD Soaps

The brand offers several collections formulated for specific problems, from stress to pain. Currently, there are CBD solutions: Relieve, Rest, Relax, and Pure. But, are its products good? Let’s delve into the following Mission Farms CBD review section to know!

Mission Farms CBD Gel Reviews

Relieve CBD Joint and Muscle Gel

Are you struggling with pain in your goin and muscles? How about trying this Mission Farms CBD Relieve CBD Joint and Muscle Gel? Yup, this best-selling item is formulated to relieve your pain from any discomfort and inflammation.

Mission Farms CBD Gel Reviews
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Combining the soothing aloe, warming essential oil, and cooling menthol delivers instant relief. Besides, it uses 98% active plant ingredients, ensuring a high concentration.

We love how the texture is not greasy and smells fresh of Spearmint and Eucalyptus. Once you apply it to your skin, it’ll absorb quickly through the epidermis or air follicles. Then, this CBD rub will decrease inflammation and ease aches.

Various sizes are available, from 300mg to 7200mg. Each size can be in different containers like tubes, pump bottles, or disc cap containers. Choose the smallest size to see whether it’s right for you. So, get instant relief with this fast-acting CBD Joint Gel at $20-$99!

Mission Farms CBD Gummies Reviews

Rest CBD Gummies with Nano CBD

The Mission Farms Rest Gummies with Nano CBD is a hemp-derived edible formulated for restful sleep. These sweet nightly treats specifically combine with Nano CBD and organically grown full-spectrum CBD.

Mission Farms CBD Gummies Reviews
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Nano CBD 3X acts faster on your body compared to regular CBD. In addition, it also has additional sleep-inducing ingredients like CBD, THC, Valerian Root, and Lemon Balm. The best ingredients for falling asleep quickly, deep sleep, and waking refreshed.

Aside from the effectiveness, the most important thing that people usually like about this gummy is the pleasant flavor.

The delicious peaches and cream flavor will make you like chewing before bedtime desserts. Feel no guilt about eating gummies since it’s natural flavors with tapioca syrup.

Each gummy contains 27mg of cannabinoids with 10, 30, and 60 counts per bottle options. Remember, you should only consume 1-2 gummies each night. So, prepare your bed and take the gummy for a restful sleep with these CBD gummies at $25-$115!

Mission Farms Pure CBD Gummies Reviews

Pure CBD Gummies with Nano CBD

Similar to the previous edible, these gummies also contain fact-acting Nano CBD. However, the Mission Farms CBD Pure CBD Gummies with Nano CBD are purposed for whole health support.

Mission Farms Pure CBD Gummies Reviews
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Featuring the organically grown, Full Spectrum CBD, this product is the best delicious edible to support your health. It encompasses managing discomfort, calming anxiety, promoting sleep better, and more.

When the gummy pops in your mouth, taste the magically sweet and fruity taste. The sweet berry with tart lemon will indulge your taste buds with a tangy and sweet flavor. What an unbearable CBD gummy.

Each gummy contains 25mg CBD, including 21mg full spectrum CBD and 4mg Nano CBD. Choose between three sizes of 10, 30, and 60 counts. So, improve your everyday wellness with a sweet treat of organic CBD at $25-$115!

Mission Farms Relieve CBD Cream Reviews

Relieve CBD Goat Milk Cream

Whether from extensive workouts or daily activities, we get used to the soreness in our bodies. The Mission Farms Relieve CBD Goat Milk Cream is a full-spectrum CBD cream for relieving pain.

Mission Farms Relieve CBD Cream Reviews
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CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory, making it a great option for your body ache. Whether arthritis, swelling, or joint pain, this Mission Farms CBD cream takes it head on.

Aside from the CBD, using MCTs of goat milk and essential oils will work harmonically to ease discomfort and inflammation. Plus, enjoy the additional fatty acids and vitamins for moisturized and nourished skin.

Meanwhile, the Alpha-Hydroxy Acid and antioxidants are great anti-aging properties for youthful and rejuvenated skin. Available in a 2 fl oz container, it contains 900mg CBD. So, ease your pain and improve your skin with this CBD cream at $59!

Mission Farms Pet CBD Oil Reviews

Pet CBD Oil

Not only for humans, but this brand also helps the pet to harness the wellness of CBD. The Mission Farms CBD Pet CBD Oil is a tincture designed for your furry friends. The blend of full spectrum CBD is carefully extracted from the premium CBD on its farm.

Mission Farms Pet CBD Oil Reviews
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CBD in the oil is a potent anti-inflammatory to help aging pets get that spring back in their steps. Besides, it also can increase the anadamide for relieving discomfort. Meanwhile, the serotonin receptors can calm the pet.

In addition, the beef jerky flavoring will make your aging pets beg for more. For the dose, you can give 5 drops per 10 pounds and .25ml per 20 pounds for large dogs. You can mix it with the pet’s food, treat or directly dispense it into their mouth.

A 1oz pet CBD oil bottle will contain a potent 600mg full spectrum CBD. Overall, this pet oil can help aging pets regain their youth with a calm mind and better health. Lastly, make your furry friends healthier and happier with this yummy beef jerky CBD oil at $49!

Mission Farms CBD Mints Reviews

Pure CBD Peppermint Mints

If you’re looking for CBD products that are ready for on-the-go. Then, the Mission Farms CBD Pure CBD Peppermint Mints is worth considering. It’s a delicious way to consume the CBD on the go. Simply store it in your pocket or purse.

Mission Farms CBD Mints Reviews
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You can take it out and enjoy it anytime to boost your body, mood, and mental wellbeing. These Pure CBD Mints come in a trial-size tin (10 mints) and full-size tin (30 mints). Each mint contains 20mg CBD.

The contained CBD isolate ensures the mints gas no detectable trace of THC. It’s a great option for those who require THC testing. Also, we love the peppermint taste, which is palatable with no earthy aftertaste.

These THC-free mints are also best for dealing with inflammation, mood, and peace of mind. Hence, harness the benefit of CBD discreetly with the go CBD mints at $15-$39!

Mission Farms CBD Price

How Much Does It Cost?

The pricing of Mission Farms CBD varies due to the wide product collection. The brand even offers various potency and sizes that make the price differ again. Now check the price list of the products reviewed above:


Relieve CBD Joint and Muscle Gel $20 to $99
Rest CBD Gummies with Nano CBD $25 to $115
Pure CBD Gummies with Nano CBD $25 to $115
Relieve CBD Goat Milk Cream $59
Pet CBD Oil $49
Pure CBD Peppermint Mints $15 to $39

For further pricing, you can check its official site. For additional information, this brand also has a line of deals that can help to get the lowest price. Here’s the list of current perks for website purchase:

  • Great savings on bundle offers
  • Free shipping for 48 contiguous states
  • Give 40% OFF and get $40 by referring a friend
  • Get 25% OFF for monthly subscription purchase
  • Use the coupon code of FREEGEL for FREE 1 oz RELIEVE CBD Gel
  • Join the email list for a 25% OFF discount code and future perks notification.

Mission Farms CBD Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Considering the customer reviews platform and official website, it has a high average rating. For example, Google Reviews has collected 13 reviews total with a 4.8/5 rating. How about the official website? Check the data of best-selling items below:

The almost-perfect ratings above are highly impressive, showing the customer satisfaction level. However, what exactly is their opinion? Below is one of Mission Farms CBD reviews:

Good product. Tastes delicious and works fast. The Rest gum provides restful sleep and relaxes the back of your tongue/throat to stop snoring! Would highly recommend this gum. Will always trust Mission Farms for quality.

Surely, its reviews are primarily positive. But to ensure we have no unbiased opinion, we should check the customer’s complaints. So the customs also said:

It works great on my aching back and legs! I’d give it 5-stars, but the pump doesn’t work well, so getting the lotion out is hard.

Based on the customers’ testimonials, most have a favorable opinion about the taste, potency, and quality. We hardly find any complaints. The only issue is only about the broken gel pump and the delay in shipping. Overall, the reviews are positive.

Is Mission Farms CBD Worth It?

For those who are looking for a reliable brand that harnesses the natural benefit of CBD, Mission Farms CBD is worth considering. Using premium and organic hemp-sourced CBD with other natural herbs and oil ensure the highest quality.

Is Mission Farms CBD Worth It?
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facebook.com/MissionFarmsCBD https://facebook.com/MissionFarmsCBD

In addition, the hemp is carefully cultivated for a quality pesticide and non-GMO hemp extract. Not to mention, the potent performance of specific formulations will ensure the target of the core issues. So, it’s the best in the market for potent and reliable natural CBD products!

Mission Farms CBD Pros And Cons

Now, it’s time to finalize your decision. So, calm your mind to make a wise decision and carefully take into account the pros and cons below.


  • Premium organically farmed hemp
  • High potency with an effective formulation
  • Pesticide-free and non-GMO
  • Taste good
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Highly favorable testimonials


  • The gel pump is prone to breaking
  • Customers state that shipping takes longer than expected.

Mission Farms CBD Customer Service

How To Contact

In case you have any questions lingering in your mind, visit its FAQ page. But if the answer you’re looking for is nowhere to be found, better to contact the customer service team via:

Headquarters Address

1001 SW Disk Dr. Ste 250
Bend, Oregon
97702, United States

Where To Buy Mission Farms CBD

The best place to purchase its exclusive CBD collection is from the official shopping site at missionfarmscbd.com. It’s the most recommended place to collect all the products at the best price!


Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know the brand? Here are the FAQs related to Mission Farms CBD that most customers questioned about.

Where does Mission Farms CBD Ship to?

This CBD brand ships within the United States.

Is Mission Farms CBD legit?

With genuine reviews and high ratings, this CBC company is legit. All products only use natural ingredients and are followed with third-party lab test reports.


Our Mission Farms CBD review has provided all the information about this CBD brand. Indeed, this company has a remarkable existence in the industry with premium CBD products.

The high potency yet safe and natural formulation guarantees the optimum benefit of CBD. It also has various specific solution collections, from pain relief to calming the mind. So? Get your daily dose of CBD fix with Mission Farms CBD!

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