Mendi Reviews

Mendi is a CBD products brand founded by Rachael Rapinoe in 2019 in Portland, Oregon. Like her twin sister, Megan Rapinoe, Rachel also was a soccer player. At that time, she hardly did her dream due to the physical pain of playing soccer.

Mendi Reviews
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She also struggled with multiple knee and ankle surgeries, anemia, and mental illness. From this experience, she wants to help those with the same issues to harness the all-natural tools. She established this brand in 2019 to help build a healthy wellness routine.

Not long after, plant-based CBD solutions have helped thousands of customers to get back. As a result, its product grabbed several remarkable publication media. It includes Forbes, GQ, ABC Nightline, Yahoo!Sports, Business Insider, and others.

Also, this CBD brand is active on social media, with 30.9K+ followers on Instagram and 1.2K+ on Facebook. Now, you may be curious about its CBD products. Hence, our Mendi review will help you scour more into the brand!

Why Mendi?

One of the main reasons to try Mendi is the natural formulation. It can be the ideal CBD brand for athletes to naturally relieve their physical and mental pain. Furthermore, it’s also formulated with quality ingredients to ensure the safest and most effective products.

The CBD-delivered products are also covered with third-party testing specifications. It’ll ensure the safety and consistent formulation. Besides, the brand also provides free shipping and a 10-day return policy to maximize your satisfaction.

What's On Mendi CBD

Athletes are highly concerned when taking CBD despite its effectiveness. It’s because the formulation from hemp contains THC. So, Mendi is a brand that focuses on this issue. It offers the safest and most effective CBD-derived products ideal for athletes.

Additionally, its natural formulation also uses other organic ingredients with adaptogenic and nootropic benefits. This combination will target various strains like sleep, energy, stress, and pain.

Product Collection

Sleep Full Spectrum CBD Oil Sleep Tincture, No THC CBD Oil Sleep Tincture, etc
Pain Full Spectrum CBD Salve Stick, Bath Salts, No THC CBD Massage Oil, Gel Caps, etc
Stress No THC CBD Stress Drink Tablet, Oil Stress Tincture, CBD Gummies, etc
Fatigue No THC CBD Energy Drink Tablet

The full spectrum and no THC options offer a great alternative for various customers, including athletes. Also, you can choose a preferred way to harness CBD, from gummies to topicals.

But the biggest question mark is, “Is it worth it?”. So, we’ll give more product information in the Mendi review below!

Mendi Sleep Tincture Reviews

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Sleep Tincture

Sleeping is the best investment to get through the next day. The Mendi Full Spectrum CBD Oil Sleep Tincture is a natural formulation to help you sail to the dream island. Formulated from advanced botanicals, terpenes, and adaptogens, it offers an adequate restful sleep.

Mendi Sleep Tincture Reviews
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In addition, this natural proprietary blend will deliver a potent effect to asleep and well-rested without grogginess. Thanks to the plant-based blend of CBD, hops, reishi, passion flower, and valerian roots.

This combination can also promote relaxation, reduce stress, and boost metabolism. However, due to the full spectrum CBD oil, it has the legal amount of THC with high effectiveness. But, if you are afraid of failing the drug test, consider the No THC CBD Oil Sleep Tincture.

CBD Oil Sleep Tincture Details

  • Flavor: Mint
  • Size: 500mg, 2000mg
  • Instruction: 1/2 dropper serving under the tongue for 30 seconds at 30 minutes before sleep

Once it goes under your tongue, taste the fresh hint of mint. The taste is relatively pleasant. Thus, feel rested when you wake up daily with this CBD Oil Tincture at $22.50 to $52.50!

Mendi CBD Gummies Review

No THC CBD Gummies

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, CBD gummies may suit you like. The Mendi No THC CBD Gummies are sweet gummies formulated to provide balance from head to toe.

Mendi CBD Gummies Review
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These CBD gummies are infused with real fruit extract and 25mg of all-natural hemp-derived CBD to nourish the mind and body. What’s more, it has various fruity flavors like orange, cherry, pomegranate, and lemon. You’ll never be tired of chewing it.

In addition, the organic formulation also allows it to be completely vegan and safe. Further, it can be consumed at any time of the day. Take a bite in the morning to calm your mind and body, post-workout recovery edibles, or nighttime sleep solution.

No THC CBD Gummies Details

  • Flavor: Mix fruit
  • Size: 10, 30, 60 pieces
  • Instruction: Take one of two during the morning, after a workout, or 30 minutes before sleep.

FYI, these CBD gummies also come in the Full Spectrum CBD Gummies version. The best option for those with high potency. Hence, balance your daily stress with these versatile sweet gummies at $10.00 to $37.50!

Mendi CBD Stick Reviews

No THC CBD Salve Stick

Some of you may get used to living with pain. But if you know how to relive it, why not? The Mendi No THC CBD Salve Stick is a plant-powered pain relief cream. It contains all-natural soothing ingredients with 500 mg of hemp-derived CBD.

Mendi CBD Stick Reviews
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Moreover, this CBD stick also contains other natural ingredients like Arnica, Calendula, Camphor, Beeswax, Menthol, Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin E, and Eucalyptus.

These ingredients will work together to relieve pain and achy muscles and joints. Plus, it is good for inflammation, such as bug bites and rashes.

We love how the formula is easy to absorb to deliver immediate relief. Also, the stick design offers a convenient and mess-free way to apply. No more unwanted CBD cream in your hand.

No THC CBD Salve Stick Details

  • Size: 500mg CBD
  • Instruction: Rub into necessary areas of skin and reapply every 2-4 hours.

Similar to some of its CBD products, this CBD pain relief cream is also available in Full Spectrum CBD Salve Stick. So, bid breakage adieu to your pain at $45. Psst, grab it now for only $22.50 after being discounted for 50%!

Mendi Price

How Much Does It Cost?

Not only about the product’s safety and quality, but you can also not worry about the pricing. All products on the site are currently in the price range of $15 to $125. The cheapest item is¬†Full Spectrum CBD Bath Salts, and the highest is Mood Kit.

In fact, even the highest price is not the highest since most of it is discounted for 50% off. So, if you are eager to buy its products at the lowest price, check our deals below:

  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Enjoy plant-based products with 50% OFF on holiday sale
  • Buy a subscription to get 25% OFF
  • Obtain special rewards by referring a friend
  • Join the email list for 15% OFF¬†coupon code and special perks updates.

Mendi CBD Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Our Mendi reviews are dedicated to investigating this brand. So, it also includes the customer testimonials. To kick things off, consider the best-selling CBD products’ ratings and review below:

Mendi CBD Reviews
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In total, the site has 1,250 testimonials with 4.8/5 average ratings. This almost-perfect rating shows how good the quality is. However, what exactly is the consumer experience? Let’s break this on of customer testimonials:

I have struggled to sleep for multiple years because of severe health problems. This sleep tincture has made it doable to stop all the prescription meds that were attempting to help me unwind and fall asleep. It also totally brings the anxiety out of lying awake…

Nearly all the customers’ feedback is positive. But we need to put them aside and consider the negative review instead. The following is one of the complaints of the brand:

I do not notice a huge difference. But I feel like the gummies help with my sleep and fibromyalgia pain. Regardless, it’s good enough to come back and repurchase. I’d rate it 5 stars if it were not for the price. The regular price point keeps me from using the gummies more often.

Most of the consumers stated the products can work as the company claims. The natural formulation can provide good results to the mind and mind. On the other hand, the only complaint is about how the no THC version has lower potency than the full spectrum.

Is Mendi CBD Worth It?

Mendi has many reasons why it has become the leading brand among athletes. This company offers the safest formulation with third-party lab results to ensure legality. Furthermore, the brand has a full spectrum and no THC option, making it great for a wide range of users.

In addition, the efficacy is impressive for both formulations. Although the no THC is not as potent as the full spectrum one. The price can be slightly high for some, but the sales make it extremely affordable. That’s why this brand become a worthy option for many CBD enthusiasts’ favorites.

Mendi Pros And Cons

In this section, we’ll provide some facts based on our investigation. It covers the strengths and drawbacks of this CBD brand. So, check the list below to make an unbiased decision:


  • All natural ingredients
  • Palatable flavors make it easy to consume
  • Contain advanced botanicals, nootropics & adaptogens
  • The effective formulation for potent effect
  • Various target benefits
  • A great choice for athletes
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Free shipping
  • 10-day return policy
  • Favorable testimonials from customers


  • Not many flavors or aroma varieties
  • The no-THC one has less potency than the full-spectrum one
  • The pricing can be slightly high without a sale.

Mendi Customer Service

How To Contact

In case you have some questions related to the brand, rely on the customer service team to get the answer. They would be glad to provide you with a response via:

  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number: (503) 708 7211
  • Live Chat: Lower right bubble
  • Social Media: @themendico

Headquarters Address

522 N Thompson St, Ste 8
Portland, Oregon 97227
United States

Where To Buy Mendi

Have you put your interest in certain CBD products? Then, it’s time to try it with the taste buds and feelings. Buy and browse its collection officially from the official store at!


Frequently Asked Questions

For additional knowledge about the brand, we’ve collected the FAQs related to the Mendi review. Check our list below!

Is Mendi Legit?

This CBD brand is legit with high-rated and third-party lab-tested products. Multiple top athletes have also consumed the products, automatically boosting their legitimacy.

Who owns Mendi?

The brand is owned by Rachael Rapinoe.


For every athlete or those who must pass the drug test, now you can consume CBD with peace of mind. Our Mendi review has brought THC-free CBD products that benefit mind and body issues.

All the science-backed products are formulated from natural hemp, botanicals, adaptogens, and nootropics. It can provide a greater effect on those who consume it to have a better body and mind. Therefore, elevate your every day with no THC products at Mendi!

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